30 Days of Thanks, Day Two

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Today started out gray and dreary — one of those days when it’s hard to get up the motivation to do anything, especially in a slightly messy house with a little girl seemingly in need of constant entertainment.  But then I remembered the ECC (early childhood center), a free grant-funded play space for little ones just a short walk from our house.    And everything turned sunny as one happy thing led to another this evening, into the perfect Friday night.

Today I am most thankful for all of the free and inexpensive activities on Nantucket for families.  From the ECC to the adorable Young Actors Theater production of Pinocchio we saw tonight. 


(Nora was, I think, most thankful for her bucket of popcorn… I couldn’t get a picture of anything other than her forehead until the entire bucket was gone.)

I’m thankful for Nora’s adorable little friends who met us for a last minute play date  


and that Nora is coming out of her shell and having more and more moments of perfect play with them.   


And finally, I am incredibly thankful for my mother-in-law who sent us a very generous care package completely out of the blue.  I couldn’t imagine a more surprising and wonderful end to the day.

30 Days of Thanks

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  1. Natalie Barrett Gonzalez Avatar
    Natalie Barrett Gonzalez

    Man those are just about the cutest kids I’ve ever seen.

  2. nantuckettiechic Avatar

    Yay, Early Childhood Center, a homeschooler’s dream resource. I loved going there when my kids were little. We especially loved the art supplies. And the chance to meet new friends.

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