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This is my last thankful post for 30 Days of Thanks.  On Thanksgiving there was so much to be thankful for: both girls cooperating so that Chris and I could sleep in until 9:30(!), of course delicious food, Chris being home with us when we thought he was going to have to be at work, and wonderful friends who invited us to share the holiday with their family.

I only really got this one picture because we were having so much fun I basically forgot my camera was sitting on the end table, but trust me when I say it was a day full of delicious food, four happy little girls, and wonderful conversation.  I am so grateful to my friend Cassie for inviting our family to celebrate with them — it made Thanksgiving so much more special.

Friday, I was thankful to have a photographer from the Gillette News Record come out to our house and take some pictures of me for a story they will be running later this month.

I’m super excited and will share a link with you all as soon as it is up.


Zara also got to have some fun modeling while he was checking the lighting on his camera…we both thought she made a pretty cute stand-in for me.  🙂

Today I was thankful for a clean house and a husband who is actually home long enough to help get some things done.


We got some yardwork done in the last few days and I cleaned up the entire house, which is so much easier to do with a second pair of hands to help do chores and/or manage kiddos.

I finally, by the way, figured out the living room.  I took some advice from one of my readers (hi, Sam!) and moved some furniture (the chair) off the wall, then I moved the bookcase into the corner and put the dresser next to the front door.


I still think this room needs a sectional or a second piece of furniture to create a right angle with the couch and fill up all that empty space, and I think it needs a faux fireplace (or a real one if we were going to spend thousands of dollars), but for now it works much better and our thankful tree makes a fun little focal point.  I suppose if we had a giant TV that wall wouldn’t look so empty, but after six years I can’t imagine why we would ever own a TV again.  Maybe some artwork?

Anyway, back from that little digression, I have to say on this last day of thankfulness how thankful I am for all of you.  I appreciate so much you taking the time to read my blog, and it means so much to know that there are people all across the country who care about my family and are rooting for us when times get tough.  If you comment, please know that your comments mean the world to me.  I am also thankful for the 313 people who participated in 30 Days of Thanks on Facebook this year.  I tried my best to read each and every one of your posts, and I appreciated all of the joy, happiness, and gratitude that was shared in our little impromptu community.  This month unexpectedly became a very hard month for my family and there were days when your posts felt like the only rays of sunshine.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  1. rusticcraft Avatar

    Looks nice =) I’d say flip that white chair 90 degrees towards the couch (so the arm of the couch and the arm of the chair are almost touching)…put the lamp in the corner with a table in the corner between the couch and the chair….and get a nice long credenza for the long wall… can have cubbie holes for baskets and drawers and the top of the credenza could be a great place for standing photo frames and/or art objects =)

    In the future….if you ever get a tv…you can frame it over the credenza (literally you could put a frame on it….love that!)….but for now you could do a nice statement art piece or multiple art pieces…..-Sam

  2. Why not a place for the girl’s artwork? I have E’s on strings of yarn with little clothes pins. Kind of like a laundry line across the wall, but scalloped up and down (if that makes sense… 🙂 We rotate them out when she makes something new, then mail some of the older art to Gma in Ohio.

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