30 Days of Thanks, Day 2 (a little late)

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This is just a quick, late, for-the-record post.  I laid down with Zara last night and completely passed out — when I finally opened my eyes, it was 7 am.  Not that I am complaining, mind you, but there were a couple things I had intended to do like share my gratitude for the day.  Now I am finally getting the chance to sit down and it only seems right to write two different blog posts so this one is for yesterday and I plan to follow it up with a longer post for today.

On day two, I was grateful for the lower cost of living in Wyoming which allows us to be able to expose Nora to so many great things.  She is taking two different dance classes this year, each of which teach two different styles of movement.  She did one dance class in Nantucket last year and it was definitely a pinch to make it possible, though we did it.  I am thankful that everything from dance classes to the children’s theatre are significantly less expensive here (sometimes 1/4 the cost!), and that she is able to do all sorts of things we could not afford on Nantucket.

Yesterday she went with her dance studio to dance at one of the retirement homes and last week she got to dance at the chili cook-off.


I am not rhythmic at all and only mildly musically inclined, so I am always incredibly amazed by her dancing.  How much she can do and how much she remembers at only 4 makes me feel so proud.  I’m thankful that living here has financially allowed us to nurture Nora’s interests and talents.

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