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I know, I know…that last blog post was a total cop-out.  I kind of love Wednesdays because it lets me post something even when I don’t have time to type — which was especially lovely last week because I was able to play photo dump catch-up and this week when I had a bunch of work to do.

Despite how scary as it was to move across country and leave all of our wonderful friends behind, and despite how worried I was about finding a place in our new community, it seems we are having no trouble filling time and finding wonderful friends to play with.  The owners of Chris’ new restaurant have continued to make us feel welcome and like a part of their family, for which I am incredibly grateful.  It’s nice to know that someone else here loves our girls as much as we do, not to mention getting a little break when my arms get tired.We’ve been joking that Nora and Zara may be the real reason why Ms. Jordan wanted to hire Chris.  🙂

I still can’t believe how lucky we are for Chris to have found such a positive, family-friendly work environment.  This past weekend, for example, we had the opportunity to get our bunny on at their big Easter party.


Of course, Easter itself isn’t really our thing and Nora is very wary of large two-legged bunnies (not to mention, way too smart for her britches: she notices things like skin sticking out from a sleeve or tennis shoes in place of big furry feet, and can’t be fooled into thinking the creature is anything other than a costumed adult).  But despite our personal feelings on Easter and costumed friends, we love joining others in their celebrations and had a lot of fun this past Sunday at the Fischer’s party.


Chris (who else??) cooked an amazing lunch for about 40 people, while Nora enjoyed herself running through the yard in search of as many brightly colored eggs as she could fit into a basket,  which was obviously very serious business.
And something she loved so much that we’ve been playing “Easter hunt” every day since.

If Nora loved the party for the eggs, I loved it for the excuse to doll-up the girls in (matching!) dresses.  I’m not too into clothes for myself, but boy do I love the girliest things for my girls.  I was beside myself with joy at the cuteness.  (And yes, I am guilty of photoshopping the scrape off of Nora’s nose in this picture.  Poor thing took a spill on the sidewalk late last week and I decided, in this one instance, that it was worth it to doctor the photo.)


Besides Easter parties, we have also been keeping ourselves busy with all sorts of lessons, activities, and play dates with little friends.I met two moms who each have two daughters the same age as Nora and Zara, which makes for the perfect play dates, chock full of little girls.

I was worried that the days would creep by or that we would feel lost living in such a foreign land, but they have flown by.  Nights have been equally busy thanks to my newest website project launching last week and setting up/planning a brand new La Leche League group.  Since Nora isn’t in school, I’m also spending nights catching up on housework and other things that I used to squeeze into preschool hours, before crashing into bed.  Only five weeks after we arrived and I’ve already managed to fill our schedule.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.

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