The State of the Union


Or at least the state of the Hinds family. 🙂

I’ve thought about and written nearly a blog post a day in my head, but life, as it likes to do, has gotten in the way of me turning those imagined blog posts into reality.  For nearly two weeks, I was battling a super nasty bug which left me little energy for much other than napping and blowing my nose.  I finally broke down on Friday and filled the antibiotic prescription that the doctor gave me two days before, and now I feel human again.  

Thank goodness I wasn’t packing for this move by myself and my amazing hubby was willing to shoulder the majority of the work, but being sick our last two weeks on Nantucket was pretty lame.  There are so many more things I would have like to have done and people I would have liked to see during these last days, but being a walking (barely) germ factory really got in the way of any ideal plans and now we’re leaving tomorrow.  TOMORROW…likely today by the time I hit publish.  I guess those things and people are just more reasons to come back for a visit.


Despite being sick, we also crammed in appointments, lots of last play dates with friends, and some fun free activities after all of Nora’s toys were packed away


(love, love discovery days at the Whaling Museum).  AND we managed to get everything packed right on schedule.  Tomorrow, we just have to pack three last boxes and clean up after the movers clear everything out.  Nora will be spending the day at school and with friends, then we will sail away from the island on the 5:30 ferry, from which I will add a few salty tears to the ocean as we sail past Brant Point.

I’m not sure how much internet access I will have over the next few days.  I will be instagraming our trip from my phone, so if you want to keep up on how and if we are surviving moving with the girls follow me on Instagram or like my Facebook page.  When I’m able, I try to post updates here as well.  For sure, I’ll take way more pictures than I did in the past month, so at the least I will be able to share them when we get to Wyoming, ETA February 22nd.  Wish us luck for the drive; we are going to need it.

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  1. Amber, I wish you the very best on your cross country trip with your family!! Try to enjoy sharing the countryside with Nora, if you can. Good luck with your prospective housing (I’m sure you’ll have much larger living quarters in Wyoming) and your future adventures. You can do it, wherever you may be!!! I look forward to hearing about your wonderful life ahead!!

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