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It’s February, Zara is four weeks old today. She’s still sleeping like a champ and we are just 10 days away from our big, big move.  Our house looks like a war zone as we try to get everything packed in time all while managing two (super cute!) sisters


and, on top of everything this week, I’ve been fighting a mega cold that Nora brought home from preschool.  (Honestly, the germs are my biggest complaint about school — it seems like we go from one illness to the next ever since she started school last fall.)  This is the first time she’s ever passed anything on to me, and I’ve been miserable more days than not.  I’m just thankful that so far Zara seems to have avoided it and I’m thankful for the wonderful magic of breastfeeding loading her up with antibodies.

Luckily, with Chris home taking charge of the majority of the packing, I’ve been able to relax and nap as much as possible.  I will say, this is definitely an improvement over our move to Nantucket, when Chris came ahead of Nora and me, leaving me to pack up the house while working full-time and caring for 9 month old Nora.  This arrangement (which largely includes me bugging Chris with backseat packing instructions shouted from wherever I happen to be nursing) is a huge improvement so I can’t complain too much.


In the last few days, we have also bee trying to cram in as much time as possible with Nora’s and my friends.  That means lots of play dates
and last night was a farewell potluck with my friends from our monthly potluck group. Of course, I completely spaced on taking pictures so those picture are a couple weeks old from last month’s potluck…but I hadn’t shared them, so this seems like the best opportunity.  I blame it on my tired, cold-fighting mommy-brain that was too busy relaxing and enjoying good food and good company to remember to take pictures.  I came home from a wonderful night last night with only one picture to show for it.  The ultimate representation of my crazy multi-tasking life:


Babywearing, nursing, and eating all at once!  (Oh yes, and I got a mom haircut this week because I couldn’t imagine also dealing with hair.)

It’s amazing how quickly a month can fly by.  I feel like it hardly took any time for me to fall right back into parenting a baby, and I’m still awed by how instantly Zara just fit right into our family life.  I’m still a little sad that we have so much going on when we would like to just be focusing on her, but I’m grateful for the time we did get (still so glad she came 4 weeks ago and not 2!) and also hopeful that we will get more time to just focus on Miss. Peach once we get settled in our new home.  Right now, that is all I can think about: getting settled again and being in a place where we aren’t just counting down the days to the next big life change and where we have more time to simply be instead of having to juggle three or four things all at once.  It will happen, it just takes patience and celebration each little moment of joy that we get.

Ten days will fly by too, and then we will have one less stress (packing) behind us and we’ll hit the road and drive into the sunset of our new life.

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