The End of Denial


It’s official and there is no more pretending it isn’t happening:  Our house is beginning to resemble a warehouse more than a home.  We are packing. We are moving…away from my favorite place, 30 miles out to sea, where I thought we would live forever.


I want to cry — except I have the perfect, most adorable baby to cuddle (that is, when I can get her away from her big sister).And I also have a preschooler who is so excited about packing it’s contagious. (She’s almost too excited about throwing things in boxes; it takes a lot of monitoring to make sure we don’t have clothes, books, stuffed animals and pots from the kitchen all mixed together.)


 We are moving in 16 days.  The babymoon is officially over and the craziness has begun.  Luckily, I finally finished the last of my pre-baby special (so much for that…) websites last week.  I just have a few finishing touches on one more big site and I’ll officially be on a little bit of a moving break.  Now it is just up to Chris and me to get this family of four ready for our winter road trip nearly all the way across the country (which will be an adventure unto itself).  So here I am, taking a deep breath and diving right in…

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