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Yesterday, I wanted to catch everyone up after a week’s worth of giveaway posts (still time to enter and share them, by the way!), but I just can’t seem to get my feet under myself enough to write about happiness and joy.  

Like every other parent out there, the news from Sandy Hook elementary school shook me to the core and I was reminded just how much more affected I am by these things now that I am a mother.  It’s often easy to believe that something like this could never happen to us or to our child — that we would never take our six-year-old to a midnight movie or let our eight-year-old walk home from school alone.  But it’s not so easy to hide behind denial when the bad thing happens in a place where our children are supposed to be safest.  

Since hearing the first reports Friday, I have been in news-lite mode trying to distance myself from the inevitable choking at the back of my throat and tears burning at the corners of my eyes as I imagine my own sweet girl lost.  But, I have also been mindful of just how important it is to give myself fully to Nora when we are together and to let each little moment count.  

My heart is with the families and community that lost so much, and with each parent who wanted to hold on just a little bit longer at school drop off this morning, despite knowing we have to let go as usual.

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