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Just coming up for air before diving back into a million and one website projects.  I am juggling four websites right now and about to start another.  I had hoped to stay right on schedule and complete each of my weekly websites on time, but other than the first one, all of my other clients have been slow to follow up with me and/or get me the content I need to complete and so I’m four weeks into my one-website-a-week experiment with only one site to show for it.  I’m fully anticipating a day when I’m working on website five or six and then everyone will send me their stuff for all of the other sites at once.  That will be fun, but such is life of the freelancer…please just send good vibes my way so that Peach waits until New Year’s Day to be born.  An early baby is the last thing we need right now, especially when every website and every penny counts.

In other news, I decided to join the Instagram-ing fun, since I do sometimes take pictures with my phone and then pretty much do nothing with them…they never seem like good enough quality to put on my blog and so they stay lost in the black hole of my memory card.  Now, at least, I have a quick and easy way of sharing them and guaranteeing they will be seen by more than just my eyes in the moment they were taken — and it will be a good way to see what we’re up to if posts get a little scarce for a while.  There’s only four photos for now, but don’t worry, there will be more!

You can find me at http://instagram.com/aucoeur if you want to follow me online or on your phone or something (still figuring out how this whole thing works) and I’m going to attempt to connect it with my Facebook page.  Now to work again I go, but I’ll be back tomorrow with some fun nesting/baby pictures for Wordless Wednesday.

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