30 Days of Thanks: Something to Dance About

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Just popping in between websites and logo designing to share my gratitude for the day and this photo of Nora from one of our recent dance parties:She is so into putting on “shows” right now and so we have built Pandora dance parties into our bedtime routine.  Sometimes I get to dance too, but mostly I am instructed to sit back and watch (as you saw in our Thanksgiving video).

Today I am thankful that the future is not completely bleak and that Chris has gotten a few leads on jobs.  Now that’s something to dance about.

30 Days of Thanks

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  1. Georgia Raysman Avatar
    Georgia Raysman

    Amber– I know it’s very very scary right now, but Chris has a very valuable skill and talent, and it will pull you through. I’ve been meaning to say this to you all along, but I didn’t feel I knew you well enough–I still don’t!– so forgive the personal nature of this message, but I’ve been thinking about how difficult this must be for you and wanting to reassure you that it will come out alright. Good chefs are NOT thick on the ground. Chris will prevail.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and positive thoughts, Georgia.

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