Film Friday: A Dinner Conversation


I was going through some videos from this summer and I found this clip from one of my dinner table conversations with Nora.  We were talking about being a grown up when I decided to get out the camera (hence the “I told you already!” when I asked her what she would do as a grown-up).  That day, we had also gone in for our first (and only) peek at Peach, so we ended up talking about the ultrasound and when Peach will be born.

It’s funny as I go through my videos how many of them are taken around our dining room table.  Partially that is due to the fact that I’m only shooting them with my DSLR which doesn’t have a huge memory card so I can’t shoot too much video without my computer on which I can empty the files.  But it’s also partially because sitting at the table, just the two of us, is when I have the best conversations with Nora.   I love how much she talks and the things she says; I’ve been fascinated for a long time with her language development and the little window it gives me into her mind, and I want to preserve that piece of her so she can someday see what she sounded like as a baby and toddler and preschooler. Most likely, videos like this are completely boring except to us and our parents…I know there’s only so much watching videos of other people’s kids talking that I can take, but I thought this was sort of funny at points, so here it is.  Just as a warning, she does accurately state what will happen after my tummy gets big, so if you’re squeamish about hearing the “V” word from a not-quite-three-year-old, don’t watch.  🙂

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