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Film Friday: Nantucket 24


Sort of last minute back in October, I heard about the Nantucket 24 project, a project which invited anyone on island to shoot footage on the day of October 8th and submit it to be edited into a movie.  


It’s sounded like a cool project, so I used my tiny little Nikon to record bits and pieces of Nora’s and my day, walking to town and at the cranberry festival.  I had a few good clips, but then I never got around to burning them to a disk and submitting them.  Total fail on my part to get my ridiculously adorable two-year-old in a film about Nantucket. I’m bummed that I never got around to sending it in and won’t get to see Nora on the big screen, but I’m happy I can at least share the footage with you. So here are some highlights from October 8, 2011.

YouTube video

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  1. Donna Avatar

    Loved the video, next October you will have to do it again. A star for sure. Mim

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