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The last few days have been both amazing and stressful.  Friday, Nora and I headed off island to join two of our Nantucket Friends at the Mass., Rhode Island, Vermont La Leche League Conference.It was, by all accounts, wonderful, educational and perfect — except for the part where Nora got a mysterious illness which resulted in vomiting at precisely 9:00 p.m. every night, in between which she was 100% normal.  Actual, real throw-up is…gross.  And really sad, too.  And, more than a little exhausting to manage and clean up, not to mention anticipate every moment of the day after seeing her act normally and throw up without warning.  Thank goodness, we are finally home (without a single episode of toddler-illness today!!!) and off to bed. Tomorrow, I will fill you in on the past three days.

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  1. Hi Amber, That’s great you had such a wonderful trip to get away and enjoy the conference with Nora and your friends! I wonder if Nora vomited because of the strange surroundings, excitement, and such. Maybe she doesn’t react too well to change. Enjoy your week!

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