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I have two videos to share today.  The first is a recording of one of my Tiny Tumbler’s classes.  I had top record it since we have so much fun in this class — although there are definitely moments of wandering when it comes to two and three year olds.  (Editing this, it was pretty clear that my own little Miss Nora wasn’t paying too much attention on this particular day!)  Even with short attention spans, we have plenty of time to get in some gymnastics, yoga, stretching, jumping, running, rolling, and of course a little singing, too.

YouTube video

The second video is from last Sunday morning. Chris went to work early so I didn’t get to go to yoga, but I attempted to do a little at home and actually got about 45 minutes in! Of course, this video is a great look at why it is so much better (easier?) to do yoga in a class instead of at home with my little helper…even if Nora’s attempts at Salamba Sarvangasana are ridiculously cute (and much cuter than mine, since I have pretty much no core strength at all…yet).

P.S. sorry for the poorer quality. I used my computer camera to record these, so they are a little lower resolution.

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  1. Terrific! You are a great instructor for the tots doing so many different activities. You have a good workout with them too! Nora has a wonderful time with her mom! Have a nice weekend! 🙂 🙂

  2. Top o’ the mornin’ to you! (the 17th…)

  3. Gramma robin Avatar
    Gramma robin

    The video of you doing yoga in the living room with your little girl is absolutely priceless: funny, sweet, loving, adorable. It made me laugh out loud! And how blissfully comfortable the little one is with your body–one can see how lovingly close you two are. Such sweetness!! My two little girls are adults now, but I remember this time so well.

  4. sarah meyers Avatar
    sarah meyers

    love it! My favorite part is when she sticks the bunny in your shirt. That’s great.

    1. Yes, Nora has been obsessed with “babies in tummies” ever since her friend’s little brother was born.

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