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Film Friday: Life in 2011, Part One


Thank you for all the well wishes we received for Nora, especially on Facebook after I posted about this morning’s other scary first — her first bloody nose.  I’m happy to report that, besides that incredibly frantic wake up, today was a much better day.  Nora is still coughing, but is mostly back to her normal playful self and clearly on the mend.  We’re thankful the seriousness of her first illness was short-lived and for all of our caring friends and family members.

You may remember one of my New Years resolutions was to actually do something with the videos I take.  I’m hoping to post a video every Friday in a new feature called “Film Friday” inspired by a blogger I love, Gregarious Peach.  This first video is part one of a look at our life in 2011: January through March.  At first I thought it might be hard to whittle down our footage to a short video, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought…and there’s something to be said for video in high speed!

I hope you enjoy this new feature (and I hope I can keep it going!), as well as this reminder of how much changes in a year.  While watching the videos from last January, I was most struck by the difference in Nora’s language abilities between then and now.  Then, she was still saying single words and now it’s full sentences and stories!  Oh, where did the baby go?

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  1. Love it! And that song is awesome =) Wish our kids had access to snow, oh the fun we would have!

  2. Georgia Avatar

    This was just beautiful! You did an awesome job, love it. The snow DOES look awesome, I am a bit jealous! The baby yoga just KILLED Me. Too cute for words.

    1. Thanks to you and Errol for visiting and commenting! We do enjoy the snow, but it’s a rare thing out here in the ocean. Not enough for sledding, but still fun. The way things are going this year, we aren’t going to get any snow I don’t think. 🙁

  3. Very uplifting to view your video Amber! Have another great year with your family!

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