30 Days of Thanks: No Time for Surfing


I hope you aren’t too disappointed, but I’m going to cop out of Saturday Surfing today.  The last few days have been jammed packed, and though good, they were definitely exhausting.  Not only have we been busy here, with friends and toddler fun, but I’ve also been working on websites and getting more active with Papoose (if I can get anyone signed up, I’ll be teaching another breastfeeding class next Tuesday and, I’ve started posting again on the Papoose Blog, which means I’m now blogging twice every week day!)…frankly, I haven’t really had much time for surfing.  I could go dig through the depths of my Google reader now, but I still have to publish a new website for somone tonight, so I think I’m just going to skip Saturday Surfing.  Will any of you miss it?

I will not, though, skip out on 30 days of thanks, because I have to share a photo of this adorable little guy we just met today:Mr. M is Nora’s very best friend Miss E’s new baby brother.  We went to meet him at the hospital this morning, when he was not yet 24 hours old, and he is just the most delicious and adorable little boy ever.  He was so much fun to cuddle, just perfect in every way.

Today, I am thankful for womb-achingly sweet newborns, that my friend Jess had a wonderful birth experience, and that Mr. M (who had a true knot in his cord) arrived here safely.

As if bitty babies are not exciting enough, Nora and I were also invited to an impromptu Indian food potluck.  I’m thankful to have such nice friends here on island, for easy dinners, and a nice evening change of pace.

Now off to work I go, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a better post.

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  1. Lovelorn Poets Avatar
    Lovelorn Poets

    Can’t wait to see the new restaurant website. And thank you a hundred times over for the awesome new Lovelorn Poets site-redesign – I love it! I’ll be sure to let you know when the positive comments start coming in. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you like it! I do too. I always feel like they’re a puzzle to figure out — it’s really fun to do. 🙂

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