Wedding Cameras


Remember the disposable cameras that were on each table at our wedding?

Well, when we went home for Christmas, my mom gave the pictures to us, and we finally got to look at them only about a year-and-a-half later…

There were some good pictures in there, like this one of us and Laura & Chris.

And then there were some pictures like this (Thanks, Dad.):

Going through them, we learned a few things:

1. Chris’ family is way more camera savvy than mine – my family doesn’t really know how to use the flash or move fingers out of the way – and our friends’ pictures were just hit or miss, but we’ll blame that on the open bar.

2. Balancing a spoon on your nose never gets old. No matter where you are or how young you are… Right, Aunt Mary?

3. Chris and I weren’t the only ones doing the kissing that night.

4. Grandpa White and Uncle Travis were either playing catch with one another, or they have very similar speaking styles.

5. Someone thought it would be funny to take a close up shot of my Mom’s butt.
(Don’t worry Mom, we won’t put that one up).

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