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A Jaunt Through Old Town


I have been quite the slacker about photographing the girls and blogging during the past few weeks.  I’ve had a lot of client logos and websites eating up my time, and have also been in super preservation mode.  Our rental house has a very prolific apple tree which lead me to rediscover my enthusiasm for canning, so I have been busy making juice, jam, jelly, sauces, and halved canned fruit.  It is pretty great.  I’ll admit that between work stuff, preserving, and my tendency to over-schedule myself, I haven’t felt much like blogging.  Also, I have been trying a little better this week to stick to my 30 before 30 goal of going to bed at a reasonable hour, which doesn’t help when days are overbooked.

Today, though, I remembered to grab my camera as I headed out the door to pick Nora up from school, so I had it handy for a few fall pictures as we wandered around downtown Fort Collins.  We had the slight mission of scoping out potential venues for a photo shoot I am doing with a local photographer next week to get some photos for my work website, but beyond poking our heads in a few coffee shops every now and then, all we had on our agenda for an hour and a half was exploring town.  It was so much fun, and the perfect ending to a rather hectic week.  I’d like to promise I’ll be better about blogging next week, but I’m honestly not sure so I’m not going to promise a thing and maybe y’all will be pleasantly surprised.

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    I have the cutest granddaughters! I miss them so much. Papa Rik

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