Nora blowing out candles on her Frozen cake

Nora at 5


Nora is 5!!

We celebrated her birthday today with a party with friends.  The theme was Frozen, of course, because it is her favorite thing (like all pretty much every other five-year-old American girl) and I’ve given up fighting the Disney princess mania.


 After her party, we took a few minutes to record her birthday interview.  She was definitely not as talkative as she was last year, but we got all the important questions in before opening presents from our family members and finishing out her dream day with a special Saturday night movie night (Fozen, if you couldn’t have guessed).  I’ll post more about her party next week, but for now here is Nora’s 5th birthday interview.

And for fun, here is Nora’s 4th birthday interview and her 3rd birthday interview.

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