Film Friday: Our Camping Trip

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Just in case you didn’t get enough of our camping trip, I also made a little video with clips from it.  I really cannot wait until next summer when we decide to take the plunge and get our own tent so we can be out in the woods on a regular basis.  There is almost nothing better than waking up snuggled between my two girls, next to Chris, outside in the quiet dawn of a new day and singing good morning to ourselves.

P.S., This sweet girl is pretty much Nora and Zara’s favorite person ever.
All we have heard since then are questions about when they can see her again, and even when Zara had an upset tummy at the end of Saturday, she kept repeating “Teth-a, Teth-a” over and over. They both definitely have a big girl crush on her, which I think it so cute.

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  1. Beautiful!! Glad you had a fabulous time with your family!!

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