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Tuesday, Zara took a big step and headed off to her first day of “school.”  With the amount of work I have been doing, Chris and I decided it would be good for me to get some extra daylight work hours in, so we signed Zara up for a toddler program two mornings each week.  


Tuesday (when this picture is from) was her first day; she was great about drop off and barely seemed to have missed me by pickup time.  They said she had a wonderful time and was the chipper little person we know her to be.

I’ll admit that I had been counting down the days until I could have regular chunks of productive time before 8p.m., so Tuesday morning I dropped her off and thought nothing of it.  I was so proud of myself to not have cried on her first morning away from me…and then this morning, she wasn’t happy about being left and I’ve been missing her so much!  There’s no avoiding Mama feelings no matter how ready we may think we are for them to test out their wings; tears will be shed.  Since I can’t stop thinking about my little bumble bee, I thought I might as well catch up on blogging and share a few photos from the past two weeks of days spent one-on-one with Zara while big sister was having fun at school.

We’ve explored new parks.


(Generally barefooted because there are no keeping shoes on this girl.)


We went to some music classes and had fun dancing and singing together.

And I have spent far longer than necessary staring at this sweet girl’s sleeping face.


Heart melting, isn’t it?

I’m so glad Zara is getting to play with some friends and build relationships out of the nest for a few hours each week, just as I am glad to have more time to devote to my business fun, but I am also very, very glad that it’s just a few hours here and there.  I’m excited that this year I’ll get some one-on-one time with Zara while Nora is in school and will be able to give Zara individual attention while we do things that are at her pace and perfect for her age (instead of just dragging her along to sister’s activities).  I already have tons of fun planned, but I’m also leaving plenty of time to just stop and stare at my littlest girl dreaming. ♥♥♥

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