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You Know I’m Feeling Better When…


My mom called me a couple of days ago and asked me, “Did you really stay up until 3 am working on a website?”  Why, yes I did.

I’ve been feeling great and aside from the little scar at the base of my throat, I hardly feel like I even had surgery.  Though that one super late night was an anomaly (don’t worry, I’m still getting plenty of sleep), I am getting back into the swing of things with work, digging in the dirt out at the farm, helping with La Leche League (World Breastfeeding Week is fast approaching!), and doing all of my mama duties.

I had my post op appointment last Friday.  My stitches were removed and aside from needing a blood test in 4 weeks to check on my thyroid function, I was released from the ENT with no need to follow up.  I am still over the moon about that — and have been scolding myself a little for how much I fretted over that minuscule chance of cancer.  I suppose anyone would, but in retrospect it seems a little silly; of course a lot of things seem silly in retrospect.

Forgive me for the selfie, but I thought everyone might be curious about my battle wound, so just to satisfy your curiosity here’s how it looked today, 11 days post op:


It’s not too bad.

I’m very thankful for everyone’s love, support, understanding, and help in the past few weeks.  We would have had a much harder time getting through it without you.  And though the reason for the visit wasn’t the most ideal, the girls loved having the opportunity to spend time with my dad:


making ice cream, playing outside, and doing all sorts of other fun things.  No matter the reason, we’ll take a visit from family any day.


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  1. So glad you are doing well, Amber!!! 🙂

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