Mother’s Day

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There’s been a lot of perfection lately.

Monday we had fun discovering a new park after an awesomely killer stroller strides class.  There was gorgeous summer weather, friends, and a fossil-filled wall perfect for climbing.


Even our little bee was able to climb off the ground.  I was at once amazed and terrified by her abilities.  As we get nearer and nearer to her 18 month half birthday, Zara is doing her best to show us what a big girl she is.  The second one really does grow up faster trying to keep up with her sister.  She’s already wearing 24-month clothes and doing things that make me forget how tiny she once was.


Last week, I put the skirt I made Nora for her second birthday on Zara and it fit perfectly.  I’m loving watching her grow and develop into her own little person, but at moments I also want to shout out for her to slow down…I’m not quite ready to lose the baby stage.


Nora, too, has been amazing us with her deepening self.  She is still so sweet and sensitive, also incredibly observant and one of the brightest, most inquisitive little people I have ever met.  Every day, Nora reminds me to slow down and truly look at the world around me.


Both my girls have unique and beautiful souls.  They make me laugh.  They make me celebrate and they make me wonder at the magic of motherhood.  Of course there are moments of frustration and exhaustion as one would expect from the daily negotiation of relationships with tiny humans, but they are few in the grand scheme of things and I feel so incredibly lucky to have these girls in my life, as well as an amazing partner with whom to parent.

Mother’s day around our house is low-key.  We never really plan much for special days like these, preferring instead to go with the flow of the day.  I got to sleep in and awake to a delicious breakfast.  The girls and I went off to a mother-daughter photoshoot with a local photographer mama, then we came home for nap time and cuddles.  

When things got crazy in the afternoon, we decided to head over to the discovery museum for some kid-centered fun. And after the museum, we ended up at our favorite tapas restaurant for an early dinner in a super baby-friendly environment (filled with couches for climbing). There’s a lot going on right now, but it’s not all bad.  In fact, some of it is absolutely right.

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  1. Donna Avatar

    Love your blog!! Have fun with your girls!! Glad you’re able to slow down and enjoy life.

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