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This past week ended up a little different than expected.  Last Sunday I agreed to let Chris reformat my computer.  I hadn’t done it ever since I bought it and it was definitely bogged down and not running as well as it could.  I have Carbonite automatically backing up all my important stuff so it seemed like it would be a relatively painless thing.  Not so — thanks to the greedy Toshiba not sending a reboot disk when I purchased the computer and not making the drivers easily accessible on their website (in their best effort to force me to spend $30 on one), we actually ended up doing the reformat twice.  And we discovered that Carbonite is not kidding when it says it could take days for files to be restored (they still aren’t finished).  Thus, I was computer-less for much of the week, right at a time when I was trying to finish up a ton of client sites — hence the break between posts.

Things seem to be mostly functional again.  We received good news from two different schools at the end of last week and are going to finalize our decision about where to send Nora tomorrow.  We did not get into the Waldorf school that I very much wanted, but I feel like we have two decent options so I’m not as disappointed as I could have been.  We also had a grand old time discovering the Discovery Museum the other day, as you saw in the photos above.  There were a ton of things to look at, play with, and explore.  I joined a mom group that gets free admission so we will be going back quite a bit.  Once again, I continue to be thankful every day for the things this change has brought, most importantly being Chris’ presence in our daily lives.  It was so wonderful to watch him explore the museum with the girls.

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