What a Week


This week, which started with Chris’ and my sixth wedding anniversary, has been about exactly two things. The biggest of those things being dance.  From ballet,


to hip hop


and tap,


we had a very busy week preparing for this evening’s dance recital extravaganza.


This is the first year that Nora did dance and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect — especially since we moved halfway through the year and ended up signing her up for two more types classes than she was doing in Nantucket.  But after today, I could not have been more proud of her.


This week we braved wind and rain to go to tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and a recital for three different dances.  Because of the costume changes and me still being nervous about leaving her with people and in places I don’t know, I ended up volunteering to stay behind stage in the dressing room filled with little girls.  It was fun, but also stimulation overload for Nora, Zara, and me, and after three days in a row of dance fever, I can definitely assure you we will never, ever be signing up for Toddlers and Tiaras.  Even if my sweet girl would totally win.Clearly by not signing up for something like that, we are just saving all those other girls from the heartbreak of loss.  🙂

Besides being ridiculously cute, I have to say, I was very impressed with how well Nora danced, both from memory and watching her teacher.  She has continued to blossom the past few months and there was absolutely no sign of that worrisomely shy little girl from last spring.  I thought my heart might burst from the joy of watching her excitedly dance around on stage.  And I couldn’t help but laugh at the seriousness with which she made sure to always stay on her tape mark on the floor (sometimes stopping dancing just to make sure she was still where she was supposed to be).  Just as soon as I get the DVD, you better believe there will be a video on YouTube.

And as if dance cuteness wasn’t enough, I’m also excited to announce that as of today, we are officially under contract on a house. The second thing this week was all about was finding a house to help us all maintain our sanity and happiness, and after lots of online research and lots of house tours, we found one we liked.


The one I shared on Instagram earlier in the week was indeed a keeper, and today we reached an agreement on price which means that if all goes well, in six weeks we will be moving again — although this time for good.  I don’t think Chris and I could have given each other a better anniversary present than our very first home.

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  1. rusticcraft Avatar

    Happy anniversary!

    …the little dance pictures are so frieken cute…so ridiculously cute.

    I would want to do that with niki to witness the incredible cuteness……but I am sure I could not handle being the dance mom… =) haha

    Also…what a cute house!!!

  2. Laura Avatar

    Wow! What a week! Nora looks adorable in those dance outfits and news about a house is just fantastic!. Keeping fingers crossed all goes well for you. 🙂

  3. Shari Avatar

    Great photos of Nora! Did Chris sneak away from the restaurant for the recital? I checked Realtor.com and the Gillette website. The house was taken off. I thought that I’d have grandma log on, so she could see the photos. Glad everything went well. Talk to you later.

  4. Jessica Avatar

    CONGRATS!!! More room for company 🙂

  5. Amber Avatar

    Thanks everyone! And yes, plenty of room for company. 🙂

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