Five Months


Today, Miss Zara Bea is five months old.


She has the darlingest smile and the most delicious little toes at the end of chunky little legs we just can’t get over.


She is a rolly-polly plump baby girl, and after having tiny baby Nora, I’m in love with having a solid baby who quite visably loves nursing and milk.

At five months, Zara is just as easy going as she was on day one.  She sleeps six hours on her own to start the night and then comes to our bed to finish out the night. Zara is just starting to sit up and having moments where she can hold herself up, but I think we’re still a couple weeks away from sitting unsupported.  I borrowed a baby jumper from a friend and she loves standing in it, which lets me get a few things done.  She is drooling up a storm and can’t get enough of her fingers, so we suspect teeth might not be too far off although none have peeked through yet.


She can complain with the best of them and isn’t shy about sharing her wants, but it doesn’t take much to keep Zara happy, especially if her big sister is around.


Nora still dotes on her and loves to help me out, and Zara obviously loves Nora right back.  In fact, right now big sister is the person most able to elicit giggles from our bumble bee, which, I’ll admit, makes me a teensy bit jealous though I won’t complain as long as they keep getting along!


Every day I am thankful for my two beautiful, happy, and healthy little girls.  I cannot believe that Zara is only a month away from six months!  I guess it is time to start planning a half birthday celebration and a first food for our version of an Annaprashana.

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