Two Weeks


Apparently, time files when you’re loving on delicious baby toes and teeny-tiny fingers, because we blinked and our little bundle is two weeks old.

Despite having to get back to work on websites much sooner than originally intended, I’ve been trying my hardest to have a little time that is just for Zara.  There are a lot of things these last few months that have led me far astray from the carefree “babymoon” I had planned.  But even with delays that extended websites into January and moving preparations, we’ve managed to carve out at least a couple weeks for adjustment and family time (with much thanks to Zara who decided to arrive on time and not two weeks late), before we get down to the business of packing for our trek to the middle of the country, which is officially starting next weekend.

I regret the timing being what it is and wish very much for my vision of how our days would be spent following Peach’s birth; but life happens. There’s nothing we can do but make the best of it, and so that it what we’re doing.  I’m hoping to have my last “pre-baby special” website live this week, then I just have one more bigger site to finish up before I can take a little break for a while.  Next weekend, we start the official work of moving by breaking down Nora’s room so we can start packing (and have a place to put boxes).  And then it will be a frenzied couple of weeks as we get everything ready for that sad, sad, sad day: February 13th, when we say goodbye to our home 30 miles out to sea.

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