Snow Day


Today, Nantucket awoke to a blanket of white.  We only get about one or two snows each year and generally not much more than a dusting, so when we get more than an inch or two and it is enough for sledding most of the island gets excited.  All day, photos of sweet little faces peeking from between hats and scarves popped up in my Facebook feed.  Normally, I would have been all about getting outside to contribute pictures, especially since it’s the first sunshine we have seen all week, but today was one of those slow and lazy days.  Zara and I were up until 3 working on websites, so while Chris and Nora went out for a morning snow romp, we cuddled in bed until 10 — only getting up after Chris called me down for a surprise breakfast.Cherry and ricotta crepes with grand marinier sabayon.  There definitely are upsides to unemployment…


After our lazy morning, we decided to take advantage of the sunlight and the fact that little Miss Zara has finally started staying awake for longer periods of time and take a few photos of her and her lovely gray eyes.  I cranked the heat up until it was nearly tropical, then with the help of my favorite assistant took a few obligatory naked baby photos.


Oh, I could eat her up.  We had another postpartum visit with our midwife today; Zara is gaining about an ounce a day and is officially back to her birth weight, 7lb 10oz of deliciousness.  After the visit ended, we had a very late lunch (to follow our late breakfast) and I managed to rally enough for a short sledding trip and photo op up and down our street.The sun was starting to go down and the snow was far from the morning’s fresh powder, but we did go out and get just a little sledding in.  Luckily, Nora is young enough that she was okay with missing the big hills and hours of play outdoors, because this snow day was one in which I wanted nothing more than to be snuggled up in a warm bed with a pile of books and my girls.  We came in, drank mugs of hot chocolate, and then did exactly that.  It wasn’t exactly the winter wonderland day I would have planned for what is likely to be our only snow of the year, but sometimes slow and quiet is just what we need.

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  1. Have a wonderful, relaxing snow day with your girls and sweet hubby, Amber!!! You are to be commended for working so hard!! Chris’ cooking looks fabulous!! Many blessings ahead on your adventures with your little family!! Peach is so cute!!!

  2. Looks pretty perfect in my book!

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