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I woke up this morning to a little voice asking, “Is it January?”  We have spent a long while talking up January, and in the last few days January and New Years Eve is all Nora has been hearing about, from story and craft at the library


to the concert she danced her way through afterwards  up until last night’s special night of baking.  What I didn’t quite realize was that Nora was connecting all that talk about Peach being born in January with New Year’s Day.  The second question I heard this morning was, “Is Peach born???”  I had to explain several times throughout today that January lasts more than one day and that we can’t pick the day, but I think Nora felt quite gypped to not have an extra New Year’s surprise waiting for her when she woke up.


We tried to make up for it with our traditional New Years celebrations of black-eyed peas and family resolution writing, but as much as she enjoyed writing about her favorite things from 2012 and resolutions for 2013, they just aren’t as exciting as becoming a big sister.  But, who can blame her for feeling that way…we’re all starting to get a little anxious to meet baby Peach.

Last year I was really thorough with my resolutions and there were a lot of them.  This year, which will be starting off with a whole lot of exciting and scary things, I am keeping them more simple.  

In 2013, I resolve to:

  1. Be a great mom to two(!) kids
  2. Think positive and keep finding joy, even amid a sea of change and unknowns
  3. Build a home in our new community

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  1. Marika Ujvari Avatar
    Marika Ujvari

    And I know you will keep all your resolutions!!! The above pictures are adorable as always.

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