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This is the post where I torture you with photos of amazingly delicious baked goods.

If you have followed my blog for even 10 minutes, you know that I have one weakness (well, maybe more than one, but sugar tops the list),

petticoat row bakery chocolate chip cookies

and you have seen this place in more posts and photographs than I can count.  I am all about homemade baking, but when I don’t have time or when I just “happen” to be in the vicinity of town it seems I am very, very good at creating excuses to go by Petticoat Row Bakery.  “Hey, Chris,” I’ll say, “want us to walk you to work?”  I think I just might have him convinced that is all about spending time with him and nothing to do with the fact that I get to walk right by bakery with cases full of cookies, pastries, and pie.

Even writing this blog post was the perfect excuse to stop by…twice.  Once to pick up the gift card they are so generously giving to one of my readers and once more to take photographs (because I didn’t have my camera to take pictures the first time and it just wouldn’t do to take them all off their website…).  Of course, after photographing this cupcake,


I had to bring it home…and a spinach & cheese croissant and four bagels…

Yes, I have a major weakness for all things Petticoat Row.  Everything is just so, so delicious it makes any will power I might have had crumble.  And it doesn’t hurt (help?) that everyone in the shop is just so friendly and completely understanding of our food quirks (like when they made the tiny treats for Nora’s second birthday tea party and I specified no artificial coloring).

Luckily, the bakery is about a mile from our house so I can justify the indulgence with the walk there and back.  Or at least that is what I keep telling myself…and I figured that no one will notice how often I go there if I share the joy and get everyone else on Nantucket hooked too.

Which leads me to today’s super delicious giveaway: a $10 Petticoat Row Gift Card.  You don’t have to be on Nantucket to win this gift card because they have an online store where they sell Petticoat Row swag, cookbooks, and local artisanal foods

petticoat row bakery local honey

(like this yummy Nantucket honey).   But, of course, if you want to use your gift card for an amazing baked good (or two or three), you’ll need to be here on island.

Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter this giveaway (you will need to click over from RSS readers or email feeds).  You can enter one or all four ways for extra chances to win.

If you didn’t get enough pictures of yummyness, make sure that you like Petticoat Row Bakery on Facebook; they share all kinds of pictures of delicious food.  And, if you’re feeling hungry after reading this post, visit them at 35 Center Street.  They are open 8am-3pm Wednesdays through Saturdays and Sunday from 8am-noon.

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  1. Becky Hudson Avatar
    Becky Hudson

    I would buy anything Charlotte likes of course!

  2. Nice post! I really try to abstain from sweets because I’ve learned that I can’t have them in moderation. But I do love honey so that’s what i would use the gift card to buy!

  3. PRB is by far my fave bakery on the island! It’s hard to choose my favorite item, but my usual go to is the danish with fruit. Last year I had a danish with local Nantucket grapes. I don’t usually eat the whole danish in one sitting because it is sooo rich and huge!

  4. I am also a sweet toothed person, but unfortunately will not be on Nantucket, but the honey sounds delicious.

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