I think I Might Be Nesting

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I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful little break.  I’ve been working away trying to get websites finished, several of which are behind schedule despite my best efforts.  I’m still glad I did my pre-baby special (I got some really great clients and projects out of it), but I also learned a lot about what happens to my idea of completing one website a week when I am relying on others to get me content and/or feedback.  

Now I’m down to the wire, chasing a couple of last-minute details down on several sites and there’s nothing like a little extra work to keep me hoping little Peach will stay in for another week or so, even if we are all anxious to meet him or her.  I did finish two lingering sites this week, though, so that made me happy.

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And I had some down time while everyone else was focusing on holidays and family to do some baby prep.  I’ll have to write a longer blog post about everything we’re doing to get ready for Peach’s homebirth, but in the meantime I thought I might share a couple pictures of some projects I have been working on.  I don’t remember going through this stage with Nora, but I think I might actually be nesting!  I got the sudden urge the other night to make some birth art, so I painted away and made a pretty painting to hang near the birth pool to remind me of the love that will be surrounding me and Peach, from the inside and out, while I’m in labor.


I did a little sewing and made a sheet, blanket, and matching hat to go inside the Moses basket one of my friends gave me.The basket was missing the original bedding, but I am much happier with this anyway.  The teddy bear print came from a knit crib sheet of Nora’s that had ripped and was set aside for sewing, and the fuzzy blue part of the blanket is from Nora’s martian costume two Halloweens ago.  I love that I was able to make something new for Peach that is still a piece his or her big sister.


And last, but not least, Peach’s first outfit: we’re covered either way!  I can’t wait to find out which one we’ll be using.


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  1. sarah meyers Avatar
    sarah meyers

    I love the Moses basket. I’m praying for you and sending sweet labor karma your way. also, i vote for Jan. 4th cuz it’s Torin’s b-day.

  2. Amber, you are so talented!! Kudos to all your hard work and continued success. Have a wonderful New Years with your lovely family, and soon to be birth of little Peach!! Your basket is so cute and soft!! Is Nantucket snowed in?

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