30 Days of Thanks: Work, Library, Books and Hot Pasties on a Cold Day


I’m going to cheat a little bit and take advantage of that handy-dandy, post-in-the-past feature that WordPress has, so I can pretend that I wrote this post yesterday when I actually intended to.  As usual, I sat down to do work last night after tucking Nora in and became so engrossed in  turning this website vision into reality that blogging just didn’t happen.  By the time I managed to tear myself away, it was 3:30 in the morning and the only thing my brain was capable of was some light meditation before falling into bed.  I suppose that means I should be thankful that I love and enjoy this work website and graphic design work so much.  I’m thankful that I’ve discovered a way to contribute to our finances from home, on my own schedule, in a way that I actually find fun.  Which is why it is just, oh, so convenient to put off less fun household chores because I need to work.  Yes, it’s so awful, but it has to be done.  Hah!

Anyway, aside from work, the real meat of what I’m thankful for “today” (well, yesterday) is our incredible public library and its wonderful staff.

 (I was cell phoning pictures today and didn’t a good one, so I totally borrowed this one.  It was neither sunny nor beautiful and spring-like here today.)

I am thankful for all of the wonderful free programs the library puts on, most especially for children and families, and I am thankful for the great children’s librarians who don’t mind when we camp out for more than two hours in the middle of the floor or on their comfy elephant chair so that Nora can “read” literally piles of books.  And not only do they not mind, but if we don’t make our regular Tuesday library date, when finally make it in the librarians tell me how much they missed hearing Nora read.
I’m thankful that Nora loves books as much as I do and that she is able to entertain herself for easily 45 minutes with a waist-high stack, which allows me to read a little myself, get some work or cleaning done, or just “listen” from the couch (which is code for take a nap).

Lastly, “today,” I am thankful for amazingly delicious pasties from the new pasty shop that opened over the summer but I only just recently tried.  They’re kind of pricey ($7.50 and up for one) but so amazingly delicious and just the perfect after library snack on a cold gray day.

30 Days of Thanks

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  1. Leslie Malcolm Avatar
    Leslie Malcolm

    Thank you! I’m glad you love our library. Yes, we love hearing Nora “read” and can only imagine that this love of hers will turn into something wonderful someday. I look forward to reading her first novel. Would you mind if we used that wonderful picture of her with her books? It is priceless! Sometimes I need photos of children with books in the library and I’d love to be able to use that one. Let me know.


    1. Thanks for reading my blog, Leslie and for leaving a comment. I’m happy to let you sue the picture although it came from my phone so it’s not the best quality. I’ll email it to you.

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