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I hope no one will be too sad if I skip Saturday Surfing this week, but we had a busy, busy day starting with Nora’s 9am dance class and ending at a little after 9 as we waved goodbye to our friends after another awesome potluck, and I am exhausted.

Today, Nora and I entered (and won!) a cranberry cook-off(with my Nantucket Cranberry Pie recipe), we attended a fairy birthday party, and hosted an Indian potluck in honor of Diwali. 

We had a wonderful if very busy day, jam-packed full of friends and food, which was exactly what I needed after yesterday.

Today I am thankful for our friends and the wonderful community we have built on island…our family away from family.  …And I am about to be thankful for my bed, because that’s where I’m headed!  More photos and details tomorrow.

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  1. Amber, once again you have proven yourself phenomenal building up your community of friends in Nantucket. You are a fun lady!! And what fun activities to do with Nora!! Way to goooo with the cranberries! I love to make cranberry nut bread loaves in gaily wrapped bags for Christmas to give friends.

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