30 Days of Thanks: Work Completed

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I’m one week into my great business experiment (the one where I offered a web design package and set out to build one site per week) and so far all is looking good.  

Recent Launches

I finished the first website perfectly on time and am very pleased with it.

WestBay Development Inc. Home Page

(I also designed WestBay’s logo and am finishing up a Facebook page for them.)

The Nantucket Lobster trap home page

And just yesterday, I finally was able to close out a website that had been hanging around for a while waiting on client content.  

Two websites in one day isn’t bad at all!

Budgets Looking Good

Last night I hit the ground running on my second website of the month, and so far it seems like I’m not going to have any problems handling the one website per week schedule I planned for the next six weeks.  I’ll admit that, though I felt confident and had no questions about my ability to get everything done for my clients, a small part of me did worry that so many back-to-back sites could mean little sleep for me and a lot of split screening my computer monitor with a show for Nora.  So far neither is has happened and it would appear that balance is not going to be an issue.  (Fingers crossed that things stay that way!)

Tonight, after Nora finished her “yoga moves” and was tucked snug between flannel sheets, Chris and I sat down at the computer for one of our Quicken check-ups.  We forecasted through the end of February, looking most closely at the things that my income has to cover (because his doesn’t) and I am happy to say that for the first time in a long time we closed Quicken more happy than nervous about the weeks to come.

Today, I am thankful for my website design skills and all the clients I have booked through mid-December.  I am thankful that I decided to take a risk and actually “advertise” my business, thankful that people across the country took me up on the offer, and thankful that I am not going out of my mind fulfilling contracts.  Most especially, I am thankful that after the next five weeks, with some careful budgeting and tracking of expenses, I will be have made enough money to cover our income gap during my “maternity leave,” which means I can spend January and February just focusing on Peach and Nora, and adjusting to being a mama to two.

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    Natalie Barrett Gonzalez

    Congrats Amber! Keep it up!

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