Film Friday: Nora at Three


I’m posting! It might be about a week late and it might be 3 in the morning, but I am doing it and I’m going to pretend that’s all that matters…especially because I’m posting a Film Friday video. (Remember Film Friday? I used to be so good about that.) Anyway I’m taking five quick minutes to blog before I force myself to stop working on the awesome and amazing website I’m building for LLL of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont, and finally go to bed (or maybe go to Nora’s bed since she’s sleeping with Chris for the third night in a row and there’s not much room for the three of us). I’ll have a Saturday Surfing post up tomorrow and on Sunday, I promise to post a ridiculously long wrap up of just what I’ve been up to instead of blogging.

In the meantime, I’m excited to finally share this video of Nora’s birthday interview. I decided it would be fun to interview her every year on her birthday as a means of recording what she was like at each age; this little clip shows her interview, doing some “reading” at the library, and a lot of her goofy personality. Enjoy!

YouTube video

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