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Yesterday, we traveled.  Up early, kissed Chris goodbye , and boarded a propeller plane to soar away from Nantucket.  There were some delays which, luckily, didn’t seem to bother my little mama much.

We played with toys, walked all through the airport exploring exciting things like moving sidewalks,


and finally, nearly 12 hours later, we made it halfway across the country to wheat and Jayhawk filled Kansas. We are officially in…


America .  We are here and, once again, I am reminded of just how different and magical Nantucket is from 99% of the country.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about fast and easy trips to buy a few new maternity clothes, visits to Trader Joes,  


and a stop at Target to instantly pick up water wings


and a floaty


for Great Grandma’s pool.  And both Nora and I are thrilled to be spending time with lots and lots of family.  But it is just different and the longer I live in Nantucket, the longer it takes me to adjust to life in the real world.

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to a trip to the Farmstead (a petting zoo and historic village I remember loving as a child), pedicures, and a lot more swimming. This week is going to be so filled with love and adventure…I can hardly wait to experience every moment of it, even if it’s going to be a bit of a change of pace from our comfortable island life.

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  1. I’m from Kansas City and now live in Miami. Two very different places, but I do love going home! Enjoy!

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