World Breastfeeding Week & A Papoose Update


I’ve been pretty quiet about Papoose lately, because aside from teaching Tiny Tumblers classes and doing the occasional private lactation consultation, I haven’t been doing a lot.  I took a break blogging over there when I got pregnant and busy with websites, because there just wasn’t enough time in the day or energy in my body.  Now that I’m feeling less like a zombie (yay, second trimester!), things are picking back up…just in time for World Breastfeeding Week.

I’m trying to maintain blog number two again, getting ready to start another session of Tiny Tumblers, and have been working my behind off planning a ton of great breastfeeding support and promotion events for Nantucket.

I’ll be teaching another free breastfeeding class at the hospital, which is my favorite thing to do: share breastfeeding joy with new mamas excited to embark down a new road.  But, I am most excited — ecstatic, really — about Dr. Kajsa Brimdyr coming to speak on island.  Not only is this an amazing opportunity for our birth professionals and community to learn from an international expert, but it is also the first time I have ever managed to envision and put together something of this magnitude.  I’ll admit, I was more than a little nervous asking her to come and figuring out how to execute it all, but with the very generous assistance of Nantucket Cottage Hospital my dream became reality.  Now all I have to hope for is an awesome turnout that makes the trip worthwhile for for her as a speaker.

If you are on Nantucket and interested in learning more about these events or RSVPing, please visit the Papoose website.

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