Happy Spring


The weather this whole week has been lovely, and today was no exception.We’ve been getting out to bask in sunshine and slowly shedding layers, first coats, then jackets, as we meander from our unusually mild winter into spring.

The Brotherhood is closed on Tuesdays, and so we get to have Chris at home for the day and it’s always wonderful, but even more so on days like this.  We walked into town for lunch.  Nora was so happy her Dada didn’t have to go into work she could barely let him go.Even when being pushed in the stroller she wanted to hold his hand.

Finally, as we walked back from town with him instead of without, she realized that he was really was home for the day and started walking at her normal pace, stopping to inspect rocks and flowers, and fill her pockets with nature.Later, I did some spring cleaning and took a few things to the consignment shop (where, for the first time ever, I met someone who recognized me solely from reading my blog  — hi, Meg!) and then I came home to find the two of them hard at work.Be still, my heart.  Today was one of those days that could have gone on forever.

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  1. Lovelorn Poets Avatar
    Lovelorn Poets

    Sounds like a great day for starting the new season! I love Nora’s red patchwork dress. 🙂

  2. That’s wonderful you had a great day with Chris and Nora! You well deserve it!! Enjoy the mild weather.
    I’ve been glancing at other Nantucket blogs on “Meg’s” website you cited. Would love to see Nantucket! We live on the Chesapeake, across the Bay Bridge from Annapolis, more rural, flat, and laid back. You and Chris are building a great life for your family Amber–be proud!!!

  3. Meg Glidden Avatar
    Meg Glidden

    Hi Amber, Thanks for the link. It’s such a thrill to meet someone who actually reads your blog, isn’t it? It happened to me last fall while eating out with David at a restaurant. I floated all the way home…

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