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This past session of classes for Papoose were the best yet, especially with the addition of two Tiny Tumblers classes.
I love the two hours per week I get to see little people jumping, balancing, running, and rolling.

They are so cute, sweet, and enthusiastic.  It makes my heart melt when they call out my name and run to give me hugs when they come in the door; and though tears are never wanted, it’s also nice to know they’re sad to leave.

It’s really been a fun experiment planning for and leading this class, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next series starting at the beginning of March, but it’s still work.  Doing this has really made me appreciate more my Sunday morning yoga time (and the work Caitlin puts in).

Around 8:30, when my alarm goes off, I do a little song and dance in my head: when did I go to bed the night before, how tired am I, can I rally, would I rather sleep on a rare morning off?  Generally I can rally.  Pull myself from the delicious warmth of sleep, throw on yoga pants, grab a quick bite to eat, and run out the door, water bottle and rolled-up mat in tow.  Last week it didn’t happen; this morning I doubled efforts, made it out the door just in time, and am so glad I went…even if I was the least skilled person in the room and my efforts at the balancing poses were just ridiculous.  I love leaving that space feeling energized and calm at the same time, dripping with sweat and ready to face the week.  In an ideal world, I’d go to bed at a decent hour on Saturday nights; in the reality of childcare, housework, and web design (I have five in varying stages right now) it doesn’t always happen, yet I walk out of the studio having completely forgotten any tiredness I felt on the way in.

I don’t really practice at home anymore and aside from walking, this is my exercise for the week.  But this morning in the shower, as warm water washed class away, I thought, for possibly the first time in my life, that I actually want to “work out” more.  Not because I care so much about how I look, but because I want to be better at yoga.  I want to make more space in my heart and mind, and in every day for tranquility through movement and breath.  I want to develop the strength and courage to explore new poses.  I’m not sure yet what that means or how I’m going to fit it in, but it is very much something I want to do.

When I think about Tiny Tumblers and my goals for the class, this feeling is what I want to pass on to the kids.

I want exercise and movement to be fun.  I want parents to engage their children everyday in breathing and stretching and discovering beyond normal toddler movement.  Bust mostly, I want everyone, kids and parents, to leave class feeling excited and satisfied, but also looking for opportunities for further movement, play, and learning.  That’s a tall order for a toddler class, but I have hope…


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  1. Amber,
    That’s terrific you’re enjoying the Tiny Tumblers classes so much. This is why teachers love what they do! The children benefit from your creative physical ideas, you can take Nora, and you’re becoming known in your community. Getting out of bed is difficult, especially early Saturday morns, however you know yoga helps you mentally and physically. Way to go! Good luck with your web designs–sounds like you’ve found your at home work niche!

  2. We signed up for the Weekday Tumblers. Magdalena is so excited!

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