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I’m not really one for Valentine’s Day.  I don’t have anything against, really, I’m just not all that into it.  Of course, I do like any excuse I can get to eat chocolate…but historically, neither Chris nor I gave each other gifts or did anything crazy to celebrate.  Until we had a child.

Now, Valentines Day, like so many other holidays has taken on new meaning.  This year, Nora found out about Valentine’s Day midway through January when my mom and step-dad mailed her a couple of Valentine’s Day outfits.  She’s been talking and asking about it ever since, and loves craft projects so (of course) we had to do something.

I pinned this cute idea a week or so ago and decided that it would be perfect for the kids in my Tiny Tumblers class, so I ordered 45mm bouncy balls off of Amazon

and made up a little card that says, “You make my heart bounce.”
I let Nora go crazy with heart stamps on the cards, and then showed her how to stuff the baggies (snack-sized ziplock bags).We did one ball, one dark chocolate kiss, one milk chocolate kiss, and one card in each bag.  I was amazed that I only had to show her once and she was able to fill all of them on her own (I zipped them closed).

It was a fun, easy little project and she has had fun handing them all out.

Chris is off tomorrow (amazingly) and so we’re going to have a family day and a dinner with lots of red food.  Last year, I made our favorite Rosemary Red Soup, but this year I might try something different…although I’m not yet sure what, because I have been working like crazy and not doing much planning.  Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day, however (or not) you celebrate it.

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  1. Amber,
    Such a cute idea you came up with!! So simple, economical, and easy for Nora to do, and I’m sure your tumblers class enjoyed their Valentine’s! This could also be used for birthday party giftbags. I’m curious to see what you and Chris eat for Valentine’s Day! Have a great day together!!

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