Valentines Day


Today is my mom and step-dad’s anniversary.  I was not quite eight when they married, which means they’ve been married 19 years.  I’m excited to be coming up on five years; I can’t even imagine how 19 must feel.

Since it’s my parents’ anniversary, Valentine’s Day was always something special around our house when I was growing up, and everyone got gifts so as not to be left out.

I mentioned yesterday that we don’t do much for Valentine’s Day, but true to my mom gifts arrived in our mailbox, so we all had something to open this morning before even getting out of bed.  Nora was super excited to put on her heart dress and open a package of pink and red stickers, then we were off to start one of our normally crazy days: I had an early morning website meeting, then we cleaned before heading out to run errands.  Visiting a potential playschool for next fall (two mornings per week is what we’re planning), then stopping to let Nora pick out a book as a reward for going six days with no potty accidents.

She is finally taking herself and showing actual initiative (instead of just going when we take her), but was still having days with accidents, so we upped the ante with a sticker chart and a book reward.  So far, it seems to be working.  We’re going to continue for three more weeks giving her the ability to earn a book (which she L-O-V-E-S) after 5 days with no accidents.  Maybe we’ll really, legitimately have a daytime potty trained little girl by summer.

This afternoon, Chris and Nora napped while I worked, then I cooked a dinner which turned out less awesome than expected.  (Note: to self, I do still need a recipe for chana masala and winging it will only produce something that is not quite right…also start dinner earlier so I don’t have to rush the chickpeas.)   Luckily, the slight off-ness of the main course was sweetened by a little cute:

(Vegan and dye-free “jell-o” leftover from Christmas at my mom’s, shaped in heart molds, and topped with whipped cream.  Our Valentine’s red.)

and also by a lot of toddler joy, when we decided to have a family movie night and let her watch Cinderella for the first time. Too bad it won’t always be as easy as jello and Disney to excite Nora about holidays.


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