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Dalai Lama


Chris found this Dalai Lama quote on Reddit and I thought it was worth sharing between working on websites.

And also, there’s this:

We are following through with trying to sell our car, as per our New Year’s resolution to simplify and eliminate debt. Chris cleaned up the interior and exterior, and I finally listed it online last week.  

We haven’t had anyone inquire into it yet, and we aren’t sure that it’s not too new (and thus too expensive) for the used car market on the island, but I’m proud that we are at least going to try to go car-free.  I’m very excited to be choosing to take this step toward simplicity; hopefully, we will find a buyer!

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  1. Good luck with selling your car!! You have some great ideas and I’m sure you’ll do fine without it. A lot of savings!!! Think of the amount we spend just on gasoline…

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