You Capture: Colorful


Just popping in real quick to say, I’m feeling better!  Hurrah for going to bed early!  And, I also wanted to share these photos that were meant for last week’s You Capture post, which never happened because I got sick.  The challenge was “colorful” which seemed like it might be hard in January…until I remembered that I have a toddler. (Really, only a two year old could get away with pants like these.)

Life with little children is full of color.And then I thought, why not take a picture of this vase that I “painted” in Mexico (you know, I painted in some lines and then someone with real talent decorated it for me).  It’s colorful.  It also gave me the opportunity to play around with editing some more, something I’ve been doing more and more.  (I haven’t, though, succeeded at that New Year’s resolution to read my camera manual yet…maybe in February.)

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