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I am beat.  And miserable.

This past week, I have been working almost nonstop.  Between new website projects, client meetings, Papoose, researching/writing for this blog, childcare and housework, I worked pretty much from 9:30 am until 2:00 am for about five days in a row…until all those late nights caught up to me and whatever cold bug was still lingering in my system decided it was time for a comeback.  Thursday, I tried to slow it down a little by cutting out blogging and comment responding; Friday, I just crashed.  Yesterday after my early morning Tiny Tumbler’s class, I was a mess of congestion and coughs.  Not fun.

I’ve been trying to get more sleep and that means, though I finally caught up on comments here, no blogging over at Papoose for a while, and you might be getting short posts for awhile.  Luckily, during all those crazy busy and sick days, I had super Chris here, and his Dad too, who it turns out was more than happy to take over 6:30 am toddler duty.And dish washing.  Yes, I was very sad when he left for the ferry this morning; tomorrow morning I might be calling to ask if he wants to move in with us.

Despite all of the hectic-ness, we had a nice little visit.  Maybe the best yet, since Miss Eleanor was so taken with her Grandpa John.

She said she missed him all afternoon and on the phone before bedtime tonight, she asked if he was coming back tomorrow.  Even living in this amazing place, things like that do sometimes make me miss living near family.Chris feels the same way too, I think…especially since he’ll be spending the rest of his vacation playing house-husband while I work my behind off.  Only, hopefully not so much that I can’t finally kick this cold for good.

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  1. Amber, I hope you feel better soon. We’ve all seemed to have been sick lately, especially in the schools. It’s wonderful Nora had her grandfather visit her, and you’ve had time with Chris. Do you think you’re taking on too much with your increasing web business, etc? It’s difficult trying to find a balance. Have a great week!

  2. John Hinds Avatar
    John Hinds

    Thanks Amber.

  3. Hello,

    So glad to hear that you all enjoyed the visit with John. Sorry that you have not been feeling well. I figured that you all were extremely busy. The twins’ birthday was on Friday. They picked the Cheesecake Factory for their birthday dinner. After dinner we watched Reel Steel in the media room. Dad was beat from his trip home fro Johannesburg and ended going to bed after present opening. I called this evening to try to catch up with you. Call when you can. Love – Mom Enjoyed the “Tea for Two” photos. Is that Nora’s friend Ella?

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