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I’ve come to realize that we are on a completely different schedule from just about everyone else on this little island — or at least everyone else with kids.  Play dates are, pretty much impossible.  Now that I’m working from home until the wee hours in the morning and Chris’ restaurant schedule rules the roost, morning time is slow paced and is our family time.  Chris and I take turns waking up and begrudgingly starting our days, at 7 or 7:30, when Nora decided it’s time for someone to get out of bed and play with her.

She gets a snack of cold cereal and water, and we read, read, read book after book.  Sometimes if we’re feeling lazy, she might get to watch her YouTube playlist (mostly Sesame Street) while we snooze on the couch.  We’re working on that happening less often.  At 9, whoever is still in bed gets a toddler wake-up call,which usually involves lots of tickling and, if you’re too slow to wake up, a “plop” or two full-force onto your chest.  Nora is the best (or worst?) alarm clock ever.

At our house, breakfast doesn’t happen until 9:30 or 10…or 10:30…  When most everyone else is already off to work and getting on with their days, we are still just getting started.

It’s generally a full spread, since breakfast is our only meal together.  But I do sometimes check my email at the table.

Unless we’re going somewhere, showers and clothes don’t happen until late morning, and Nora has been known to wear PJs until noon.  After 25+ years of nearly always having to be somewhere by 8 or 9, it feels luxurious — and a little bit decadent.

I love these mornings spent together as a family.  Every once and a while, Chris and I remember what life was like when I was still working: when I was leaving the house every morning with Nora before he was awake, and he was getting home every night after she and I were asleep.  How did we ever manage?  We had to, of course, but now we feel so lucky to have mornings together.  It’s nice to have routines and traditions unique to our family, even if it is just “lazy Saturday mornings” every day of the week.

I thought I might start linking back up with YouCapture again, since one of my resolutions is to take better pictures.  Watch for it (usually) in combination with Wordless Wednesday and besure to check out Beth’s site.

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  1. Pieni Lintu Avatar
    Pieni Lintu

    Nice shots – I love the gray tone!

  2. We miss you guys! Afternoon play dates would be perfect. E gets out of WW at 1 pm. 🙂

  3. brooke chambers Avatar
    brooke chambers

    so cute of her up there with Daddy!

  4. I love the hazy look to the photos! Great for slow mornings!

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