Yesterday was Stroll on Nantucket, the last really big weekend for tourists before things quiet down for the winter.  Last year, Nora napped through most of the day and only woke up in just enough time for me to force her to sit on Santa’s lap — something she was not thrilled about — so this year was really our first Stroll experience.  I had intended to write a long post today to update on my thoughts regarding Christmas and how they changed or stayed the same from last year, but right now I think I’m just ready for bed, so this post is going to be more pictures than words.  I figure that’s okay because of how lengthy my posts were at the end of last week.  (Is anyone going through Nora withdrawal?)

So, without furthur ado, here’s our Stroll 2011 in (mostly) pictures:

This was as close as we got to Santa.  We aren’t pushing the down-the-chimney-to-give-toys idea and, anyway, there was no way she would have enjoyed sitting on a strange man’s lap.  To be honest, Nora was much more interested in the horse than Santa.

So we watched him get in his carriage and skipped the (more than a block long) line to sit on his lap, instead wandering through town and marveling at the scenery at our own pace.

She’s still super excited about the Christmas trees, and wants to inspect every one.
Then, when our tummies were rumbling, we went off to  find food.Amazing lunch at (where else?) The Brotherhood: a Nantucket Bay Scallop Roll and a bloody Mary for mama.
Later in the afternoon, we joined the Victorian carolers at the top of Mainfor a giant sing-a-long.  It was so much fun!Petticoat Row Bakery just amazes me.  Everything they do is beautiful.
We had a great day enjoying the festivities.  Nora talked all day today about what we did yesterday.  I wasn’t sure what she thought, because she spent much of the day like this:
just staring and taking it all in, very serious…at least, that’s what she looked like when she didn’t look like this:
This morning we finished out Stroll with a reading of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol at the Unitarian Church (which was wonderfully done).
More on Christmas later, for now I leave you with this:

Happy Stroll!


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  1. Merry Christmas Amber!
    Thanks for sharing the delightful holiday pictures of your lovely town!!! It must be beautifully decorated for the tourists and townsfolk! Do you have other holiday activities for you, Nora, and Chris to share? Fortunately, there can be so many, cost free things to do over the holidaysf or kids just by strolling around, though you’re limited with your island size! The bay scallops lunch looked deliiiiiiiicious! Yummmm!!! What did Nora have to eat? Your town bakery does have some beautiful items to purchase and eat. Do you let Nora go to a church Sunday school? I wondered because it can offer some fun activities for XMAS (also the XMAS eve service).

    It must be difficult mentally and financially as a family to try to share and partake in Nantucket’s community when it offers such an upscale, well-to-do lifestyle catering to tourists. My family lived in an upscale community outside of San Francisco, when my girls were little, and this often bothered me, as I thought there was a lot of “keeping up with the Joneses.” We revisit Orinda often, and it IS even more beautiful today (in a posh, beautiful homes, town center respect), but I’m glad to have moved to the Chesapeake Eastern shore, which is even more beautiful geographically! I feel it was “healthier” for my girls to experience growing up, with a wider socioeconomic community. What are your thoughts about this?

    Enjoy the holidays with Nora and Chris! I love your beautiful pictures!

  2. Lovelorn Poets Avatar
    Lovelorn Poets

    Looks like a great day and fun times for everyone – it’s wonderful that you live in such a walkable area. It’s easy to lose motivation to get out an do community things when you have to get the car packed up and rive miles away! (kind of my situation right now…) Are you going to put up a Christmas tree? I’m going to pick mine up later this week.

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