30 Days of Thanks, Quickly


Just a short little post since I got sucked into building a website and didn’t realize that it was after midnight!Today, I am thankful for: beautiful weather and ferry boats to wave goodbye to; having websites to play around with; that tomorrow is Chris’ day off; and, most especially, for my mom, who is still doing her best to take care of me from half way across the country.  I love you, Mom; you’re awesome.

Oh, yes, and Wordpress’ publishing feature which will allow me to publish this post in the past, on the day that it should have been published!

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  1. Amber,
    Have a lot of fun on Chris’ day off! Is he going to fix you another fabulous dinner? His pizza looks very fresh and delish!! Yes, you are fortunate your Mom wants to do so much for you from long distance–a lot of Moms can’t or won’t take the time to do things that would support their adult daughters. It seems like your web design business is building up–you mention frequently that you have a new one to design. Are you charging enough for your creative services?! Have a great day with Chris and Nora and Nantucket! Let the Holidays begin!!

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