30 Days of Thanks: Nantucket

We got a little inkling of winter today.  Unseasonably warm weather left us and we were again bundling up in mousy hats and warm woolen mittens.  At this time of year, I enjoy it.  Crisp cold makes the Christmas trees already lining streets downtown makes sense.  It reminds me of childhood winter excitement and gives me hope for snowflakes to tickle nose and eyelashes.  Cold certainly doesn’t keep us away from the playground,even if we’re the only ones enthusiastic enough to venture out.Days like today remind me how thankful I am for the crowds to leave.  A lot of people wouldn’t be able to handle the emptiness that is Nantucket in the off-season, but I appreciate how small town our island is: how we can go to Friday morning music class and share it with just two other toddlers; how later in the day the only other child at the playground, is one we saw earlier at the library; how I pretty much know most of the little people’s names.  I’m thankful for the tight-knit community Nora is growing up in.

And I’m thankful for place.  Not only are we in the perfect mix of small-town and bigger city, but, short of Bayeux, I couldn’t think of a better place for this town to be.  Cobblestone streets. Cedar siding.  No megacorps, chain restaurants or big-box retail.  Surrounded by history.  Always walking distance from the beach.

Perfect for swimming and sandcastles during the summer, seashell hunting and impromptu celebrations of sunset.  Just because we can.  And, of course, lighthouses.I’m ever thankful for lighthouses and their companion, the whistle of the ferry that sings out reliably as it slips away from the dock, always a reminder of our separation.  A reminder of the uniqueness that is life 30 miles out-to-sea.  Did you know we don’t even have a traffic light?Yes, I am so thankful for Nantucket.  For it’s beauty, it’s community, and what wonderful things it has brought to our family.

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  1. Hi Amber,
    I so enjoy your beautiful pictures! I expect you’ll have some delightful Christmas pictures posted soon–you should venture out in the evening with Nora (bundle up!) to capture the Christmas lights, if the town has many. I’m sure the business folk would like the classy “white” lights, if not the merry different colored display. I would love to visit your city! We live on the Chesapeake Bay, across from Annapolis, on Eastern shore, with lots of fishing/boating towns. It’s wonderful for Nora to experience growing up in such a distinctive and small town. If you moved, think about what a change it would be after the delightful quaintness and historical beauty of Nantucket! Hope all is well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures. Have a great weekend!

    1. I will most definitely have pictures of Christmas lights! The day after Thanksgiving, there is a big tree lighting festival in town for the huge tree they always place at the top of Main Street. I hope to get some pictures to post then.

  2. Marika Ujvari Avatar
    Marika Ujvari

    You live in such a beautiful place, Amber. I can only visit every 2-3 years for a week, but the feeling that comes over me while I’m there ususally lasts from one visit to the next. It is a magical place. I have a small nantucket library in my home, and I’m in a process of painting the hree lighthouses on slate roofing tiles. I’ll send you pictures when I’m done.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Chris and of course to your little angel!

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