30 Days of Thanks: Just in Time


I almost wasn’t able to rally and get this post up.  I felt sort of blah all day (perfect match for the weather) and then the unthinkable happened…our computer had a major crash.  Which means I spent a couple hours before Chris came home worrying about my files — most specifically my pictures and videos of Nora.  But I said I was going to post every day, so here I am.  And, anyway, it’s good to remind myself that there are things I’m thankful for today even if the day felt yucky.

Today, I’m thankful for:

  1. My amazing husband who got up at 6 am with our little munchkin who knows nothing of “fall back,” and who is doing his darnest to rescue my precious files from the computer after a long day at work.
  2. Our Thursday morning play date with my friend Jess and little Miss E.  The hour and a half they were over here playing today was the bright spot of both my and Nora’s day.
  3. And, I’m thankful that the day is over and tomorrow will be a new one!

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