30 Days of Thanks: Friday Fun


Today, I am thankful for:

Toddler birthday parties full of cute Elmo decorations(and how excited Nora was to see all those Elmo decorations),

fun activities,

novel new things (I must have forgotten how amazing temporary tattoos are),

and delicious food.

As we left Miss O’s birthday party this afternoon, I found myself wondering why we can’t have one at least once a week.  Activity stations, good food, grown-ups to talk to, and theme coordinated everything.  We can call it Friday Fun Day and rotate houses…if only there was enough money and time!  Weekly birthday parties may not be realistic, but the rarity only makes me love them more.

Of course, having a birthday party to go to gave us and excuse for some early morning crafting.

Mine, I’ll share in Sunday’s report card (just to tease you).  But lets just say that I had fun planning and making Miss O’s present.  I’m thankful that her birthday made me get creative, I’m thankful that I had all the tools at hand, and I’m thankful that it turned out well!

While cooking dinner tonight, I was thankful for my little helper and that she wasn’t too over tired or hungry or whiny (something that’s been happening lately as we start to lose naps).

And the biggest thing I’m grateful about?  Chris saved all my data from our computer crash!  And thankfully, he determined that the hard drive had gone bad, so it’s not my fault the computer is broken!

Oh, and just in the nick of time, my new laptop arrived.  I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before, but when we moved out here, we sold my PC and started sharing a computer (mostly because of space issues, but also because we wanted the extra cash).  For a while, sharing one computer was no big deal.  I still had my MacBook from Bard to do work on, and Nora would nap enough during the day that I could get my computer time in before Chris came home from work.  After I mailed the computer back to Bard, Chris bought a little netbook that I was using when he was home for minor stuff.  We managed to go a year and a half sharing a computer, but in the last few months, my web design work has really been picking up and sharing was becoming very challenging.  After going back and forth on it a lot, we determined that me having my own computer was a legitimate business expense and I finally let Chris talk me out of my stinginess.  And this is what showed up today:

A laptop, useful for client meetings and not taking up too much space in our little house, but with a monitor big enough for me to actually see what I’m building and (maybe most importantly) split-screen work and Sesame Street.

It took Chris months to convince me to squeeze the money out of our budget, but I’m already thankful that I did…especially because, until his new hard driver gets here, this is the only computer we have!  What timing.  And I’m thankful, too, for the website work I’ve been getting that necessitated the purchase.  May it continue!

The last thing I’m thankful for is that, right after I hit post, I’m going to bed…at midnight!  (Which is actually early for me.)

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  1. Amber, What a fun day! The party looked so cute and I liked Nora’s dress! You had a great day! Congratulations on the new laptop–way to gooooo! I’m sure it will come to good use of course, and because you are such a bright lady, hopefully your web design business will take off even more. You should concentrate your marketing strategies in that area. Have you set up a portfolio design for all your webs? Like people with Master’s degrees need to do. You are sooo talented–concentrate your business energies in one area. Oh yes, where is Miss O’s present? I’m sure it’s spectacular! I’d love to buy something from your sewing talents!!! You should post a booklet of the many things you make. Another business idea! Amber’s Sewing Creations! (I used to sew all my clothes, but no time/desire anymore.) Have a great weekend!

    1. I do have a portfolio of my more extensive web projects. You can see it here. I’ve thought about setting up an Etsy shop…some day. I don’t really have the time right now that something like that needs. Plus, I like having it as more of a hobby, because I can just enjoy doing it and not have to feel like it’s “work”. 🙂

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